Hello everyone! Another quick update and small change about the USA Trails. As you all know there are a few changes going on as far as some construction around the trails. As a result the University has graciously constructed a new parking spot for a new trail-head and has even put lighting up for us that like to grind our gears after dark. This is all being done in an attempt to keep bikers safe during the construction process. The big concern has been the gravel road and as a whole I want to thank you all for staying off the road and for spreading the word to stay off the road. The University last week has finished the construction of the parking lot and the lighting is up and working. Since this is now done they are requesting us to immediately begin using the new parking lot to avoid any doubt that the gravel road will be used and to clear out the current parking lot so they can use that area to stage building materials. We have a great new parking lot so lets use it! The new parking lot is located where we have been exiting the trails for the last few weeks. It is just North of the football practice field. From the old parking lot by car follow the road around the intramural fields . When you get to a stop sign take a left going up the hill towards the athletic practice facility and go left around the building. At the back of the building you will again take a left onto E Waringwood dr. On Waringwood you will take your first left like you are driving into the football practice field. Before going through a fence you will take a right and you will see our parking lot! It might sound confusing but it is very easy to find. Below is a map that shows the parking locations and the route to get to it. We are currently working on building a few new trails so that the trails will begin and end at the new trail head. Be on the looks out for those changes within the next 2-3 weeks. Until then please park at the new parking lot and ride your bike around the intramural fields and continue to into the trails at the campus garden as you have been doing. additional signs will be put up in the next few days to help with this. As always, stay off the gravel road! That’s about it! Please help me spread the word and if you see anyone not part of SAMMBA on the trails let them know as well please! A big thank you to our administrative, facilities, and safety and compliance departments for working with the us and for ensuring the trails remain part of the University!

Happy riding!